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Silver Package

​​The Silver Package includes everything in the Bronze Package and...

Check to make sure gutters are attached properly
Check range venthood filter
Check visible plumbing for leaks, test shutoffs
Check walls and ceilings for unusual cracks or stains
Check water softener
Inspect water heater
Check operation of garbage disposal
Check grout, caulk and tiles in kitchen
Check grout, caulk and tiles in bathroom
Check basement for signs of rodents
Check for insects
Check hose bibbs-leaks and drains
Check sprinkler system for visible leaks
Check for standing water in yard
Check for visible damage from vines and roots
Check exterior outlets
Check garage door opener for any safety concerns
Check for proper attachment of deck to house and support
Check siding and wood for damage
Look for signs of excessive moisture or mold in the attic

Only $229

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